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Are you a proud homeowner, property manager, community manager or building manager in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut areas?

When you're focused on the quality, condition, interior and exterior appearance, value and functionality of a property, you always want to be able to describe every aspect of your property as nothing less than the best. This applies whether you're looking to attract new tenants or customers, keep current residents happy or ensure you and your family live the best quality of life in the caliber of home you've always imagined.

Homes and properties are complex, multifaceted and full of various aspects that require constant or periodical maintenance — like roofing, paint, rain gutters, flooring and other areas — but that doesn't mean maintaining a property worthy of pride has to be difficult. In fact, with a full-service property home repair and property restoration company, keeping your home maintained to the highest of standards has never been easier.

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At Add Ventures, we've been specializing in residential and commercial home improvement services for more than 20 years. Our customers' referrals have led us to see a 100 percent growth in our company over time, and our certified, dependable work is what encourages homeowners and property managers alike to come back again and again. Whether you're looking to improve your residential home or continue the building process of your commercial property, we're here to assist!

Residential Home Improvement Services

Need a facelift for your home after some damage? Want to improve your curbside appeal before flipping your property for the market? No matter the reason, Add Ventures has year-round services to keep your house in the best shape. Our range of personal home improvement work can keep your unit looking unique and fresh while fitting into your residential neighborhood.

Many homeowners look forward to painting specific rooms new colors, but very few want to spend the time or energy getting the perfect look. At Add Ventures, we look forward to creating a brighter atmosphere or muted color scheme for your bedroom or living area! Our painting services are available for both inside and outside work, and we can often complete a project in one day.

Perhaps you want your kitchen remodeled with new cabinets and a narrow island strip, or maybe you want your floors redone or touched up. With our team of dedicated remodelers, technicians and painters, we'll create a whole new look for your home and clean up after ourselves. You'll be excited to welcome family and guests into your newly renovated space!

Commercial Property Improvement

Keeping your entire property or multiple units looking uniform and operable in the best conditions can seem like a time-consuming and attention-worthy process. Add Ventures is ready to ease the work you put into your buildings by doing the job well, and also coordinating the project and timeline. Our team of technicians and builders have more than 70 years of experience and knowledge in their construction fields, allowing us to efficiently and accurately keep your business areas professional and attractive.

Do you own a community living complex or a condominium? No matter how small or extensive your area is, we've got you covered. We'll focus on all buildings to achieve a uniform look while also keeping you in full public view. Then, we'll complete both internal and external work according to your liking and design preferences.

We specialize in many areas of tension, such as gutter cleaning and roof repairs, but that's not all we do. Add Ventures will work on any construction customizations you might request. Whether you have a large servicing project at hand or a one-time cleaning to prepare your property for a showing, we'll get the work done.

Additionally, our crew will provide ongoing maintenance work that we'll coordinate and schedule with you. Don't feel the pressure or frustration of having to request repairs or upkeeps seasonally — we'll have control over the preventative cleanings and tune-ups that come with keeping a commercial property up to codes and standards.


Add Ventures Stress-Free Process

Our Project Managers and Estimators will walk you through every step of the process to provide you with unparalleled customer service and support from project beginning to end.

We look forward to working with you!