Winter is the perfect time to tackle a variety of home renovation projects. Since you spend more time indoors, you can use the opportunity provided by the cold season to complete home improvement projects during winter, such as installing new flooring, regrouting tiles and adding new light fixtures. Here are just a few of the wintertime projects you can accomplish with the help of a professional.

1. Update Flooring

Installing a new hardwood floor is a complex task, so you’ll want to work with a professional to get the best results from this investment. Quality hardwood flooring materials such as Pergo offer exceptional durability and beauty, adding to the aesthetic appeal and value of your home.

If you prefer carpeting, winter is a great time to add warmth to your floors. To save money, do some research and buy the carpet yourself, and then hire a professional to help you complete the installation.

2. Regrout Bathroom Tiles

If your bathroom grout is older and its original color is beginning to fade, or if you’re just ready to update your bathroom’s aesthetic, consider doing a regrout. This project usually requires you to clean the old grout before replacing it. The work can be a bit labor-intensive, so contracting a company like Add Ventures can save you valuable time and effort. Hiring an expert for a regrouting project will ensure the work is done quickly and with a polished, professional appearance.

3. Install New Lighting

If you have experience in DIY projects, minor electrical work like changing light bulbs and replacing sockets will be easy. Major work, however, should be handled by a professional to help you avoid electrical hazards and county building code violations. Your licensed electrician will obey all safety rules and perform the installation correctly, ensuring that it’s well-grounded before completing the project.

4. Add New Faucets

Beautiful new faucets in materials like nickel or brass will give your bathroom or kitchen a touch of elegance and luxury. As with any project, just be sure to read the manufacturer’s manual before you start so you don’t damage the body of the faucet by using the wrong tools.

If you’ve never changed a faucet before, you might be better off calling a reliable plumber or building contractor. You could also schedule a complete inspection of your home plumbing system during this time.

5. Replace Your Toilet

This one requires more physical strength than other plumbing projects. You need a significant amount of energy to lift the toilet bowl and install a new one properly. Moreover, most toilet bowls are made of ceramic material and require careful handling.

This is one home improvement project where you’ll definitely want to consult a professional. Your plumbing contractor will have the skill and resources needed to manage the toilet bowl safely and ensure that the tank is drained and reconnected without leakage.

Contact Add Ventures for Your Winter Renovation Projects

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