home with snow on it in the winter

It’s no surprise that Northeast winters have harsh effects on homes. Between the weight of snow, the freezing temperatures and the extreme amount of moisture, wintertime in New York, New Jersey and Connecticut is no joke. It’s common for one storm to dump a dozen or more feet of snow — repeated a handful of times.

To help alleviate the damage, homeowners can take steps to prep their home for winter. Utilizing a professional company like Add Ventures for your residential winter home care needs is the first step. Here’s how to determine which priority areas you should focus on before winter weather hits, as well as which fall and winter home preparation services we can do for you.

Check the HVAC System

The average lifespan of a heating and air conditioning unit ranges between 12 and 15 years. However, you should keep it maintained annually, preferably by a specialized contractor. At the very least, check and change the filters in your unit during the fall to ensure clean air is being pushed through your home.

Caulk and Seal Exterior Wood and Concrete Surfaces

The wood trim used around the windows and doors on the exterior of your home is often very thin and not pressure-treated or rot-resistant. Inspect these areas and reapply silicone caulking as needed to prevent shrinkage from harsh weather elements. If you can see daylight through any cracks around your windows or doors inside, add weatherstripping to save energy.

Additionally, cracked concrete patios and driveways should be filled and covered with a sealant. These tasks can be completed in the fall, before any freezing temperatures or frost set in.

Ensure Drainage Systems and Gutters Are Cleared

The last thing you want is for water buildup around the corners and trimmings of your home, only for it to accumulate and freeze. Clean your gutters so no water will infiltrate your basement or the foundation of your home. Drain pipes should also extend at least 3 feet away from your house’s base. If any water saturates the soil and freezes in overnight temperatures, the leakage and drainage could seep through to the infrastructure of your home and be costly to repair.

Clean Your Chimney and Test Detectors

Home preparation for winter includes getting ready to stay warm in cold temperatures. Clean your chimney and fireplace, ensuring no residue or grime is built up and vents are clear. Test your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well, as building fires and closing exterior vents can lead to a carbon monoxide hazard inside.

Review Your Yard and Trees

Lastly, prepare your lawn for the coming snow and moisture. Mow over your trees’ fallen leaves — when they decompose fully, they will set into your soil and nourish your yard during the winter. You should also be proactive in removing dead trees before they freeze over, as well as trimming branches that sit alongside your house. If these trees collect ice and brush against your home, the exterior damage could be significant.

Choose Add Ventures for Residential Winter Home Care

Don’t fall behind in preparing your home for the harsh Northeast winter storms. Call Add Ventures or fill out our service form today to request help with home prep for winter.