Winter is one of the best times of year to sit on the couch, watch some television and cuddle in a blanket for hours. However, after a few days of this, you’ll begin to feel antsy. While the cold and dark days of winter pass by, you’ll be looking for ways to keep yourself active, warm and rejuvenated. Here are five home improvement projects to complete with the assistance of Add Ventures’ professional services.

1. Paint Interior Walls

Don’t let the dull tones of winter get you down. Visual stimulation is often a must in the wintertime, and what better way to achieve this than with an art project? A professional painter will cover the walls you look at frequently with fresh paint. Repaint all the rooms in your house or focus on one area to give your home a burst of life before spring rolls around.

2. Remodel Rooms in Your House

Want to improve some key areas of your home? Perhaps some of your appliances are outdated, or you need to create a better method of organization and storage. Add Ventures specializes in full interior remodel services for both residential and commercial homes. Renovate your bathroom by installing a new toilet or sink. If there is any mildew penetrating your walls, we’ll help to remove it.

In the Northeast, winter home projects are a must. Especially with the force of freezing temperatures that barrel through, you’ll want to make sure your home is as warm and energy-efficient as possible. By adding insulation to your attic, garage and hidden crawl spaces, you’ll create a more comfortable environment for your family and lower costly utility bills.

3. Replace Flooring

Winter is a great time to replace the flooring around your home. Hardwood floors look beautiful but are a brutal surface to walk across, especially during Northeast winters. You can cover those chilly hardwoods with new carpeting. If you prefer to stay away from carpet, you can use an alternative like tile or laminate flooring. Focus on specific rooms that are walked through the most, such as the living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms, to see — and feel — the most significant difference.

4. Check and Repair Your Chimney

Everyone loves a good morning or evening fire in the heart of winter. To make it safe and enjoyable, be sure to clean out and repair your chimney as needed. While the fireplace should be inspected before freezing temperatures arrive, you may need to refurbish the chimney stack or vents throughout the season. Add Ventures will respond to emergencies as well as preventive maintenance calls.

5. Inspect and Reseal Openings

One final winter home improvement project is to recaulk or reseal any openings that may be framing your doors or windows. Prevent cold air from leaking through and retain your internal heat by blocking out these gaps. You should also inspect your interior and exterior light fixtures, as installation through the walls could create some holes over time.

Request Winter Home Renovation Services

Keep your home warm and protected with winter home improvement projects. Add Ventures will assist you in a variety of painting, construction and roofing services. Contact us today and see what we can do for your home.