Are you a property manager, building manager, community manager or homeowner dedicated to maintaining and improving the quality of your property?


painting a peak of a home whiteProperty ownership and management require a lot of dedication, attention and upkeep, and anyone with a home or community to maintain wants the best interior and exterior quality for every aspect of their property. Because maintaining, improving and repairing a home or property often involves technical tasks like painting, roofing, gutter cleaning and other essential jobs, sometimes you need a little help with the upkeep.

If you're looking for reliable, professional home improvement services for your residential home or commercial property in the New York, New Jersey or Connecticut region, Add Ventures is here to help. Located in Hillburn, NY, and serving private homes, apartment complexes, condos, townhome communities, and other commercial and residential properties in a 70-mile radius, we're a multi-county home improvement company with more than 20 years of superior, all-inclusive contracting service.

What makes us different? From our expert reliability and high-quality services to the accurate, timely nature of performance, we offer residential and commercial property repair and maintenance you can count on — whether you need residential or commercial roofing and painting, rain gutter cleaning or other improvements. With safe, hassle-free, all-inclusive services for both the interior and exterior of your home or community property, we make it our business to go above and beyond to keep your property up to par.


Services We Offer

Whether it's in the warm months of spring and summer or the quieter, cooler days of autumn and winter, your property is always in need of maintenance and improvement. Add Ventures is available year-round to address all those needs efficiently and expertly with the highest-quality care. Here are the services we offer with our all-inclusive contracting:


Asphalt Repairs | Concrete | Decks | Drainage | Gutters & Leaders

Siding | Trim | Waterproofing | Windows & Doors

Leak Repair | Full Interior/Exterior Repairs & Renovations


Designer & Architectural Shingles

Aluminum Trim | Skylight Repair & Replacement

Roof Leak Repair | Chimney Repair

Gutter & Leader Repair, Replacement & Cleaning


Interior | Exterior | Wall Coverings | Faux/Murals

Water Damage Repair | Power Washing

Deck Staining

Line Striping | Elastomeric Coatings

Of course, this list is not exhausted. Whether you need condo, apartment, larger home or townhome roofing and painting, residential or commercial gutter cleaning, or another home repair and improvement service, trust Add Ventures for the highest-quality, safest and most efficient service in your area. Call us today or contact us conline to find out more about our offerings.

All three companies are family owned and independently insured for maximum protection.

We look forward to working with you!