Commercial Roofing Services

Property owners and building managers will appreciate our roof services and work. You have a responsibility to protect your residents and guests as much as possible. Fixing any leaks in the ceiling and being proactive about maintenance work ensures your customers and residents are happy and safe. Installing skylights allows additional lighting to fill up your room and can also be a visual design that attracts people to visit you and walk inside.

Living in areas such as New York, New Jersey and Connecticut means you'll find a lot of weather activity that could exhibit possible damage to your property. Add Ventures will make your business a priority by preparing your roof for the colder months. Our team can professionally clear and replace your gutters, as well as clean and repair your chimney to prevent potential fire hazards. We can also monitor and replace the trim and shingles atop your roof when needed, keeping your roof secure and presenting an attractive display at all times.

Add Ventures: Our Service Offerings

Our team of commercial roofing contractors at Add Ventures provides a wide range of roofing services and roof maintenance solutions, such as:

  • Commercial roof leak repair 
  • Commercial roofing system installations
  • Commercial roof consulting
  • Commercial roof coating
  • Commercial skylight installations, replacement and repair 
  • Architectural and designer shingles, including asphalt shingles
  • Commercial gutter installation, cleaning, repair and replacement
  • Commercial storm damage solutions and maintenance programs 
  • Commercial chimney repair
  • Commercial low slope roofing
  • Commercial aluminum trim replacement and repair


certified master elite roofing contractor in new york, new jersey and Connecticut
home roofing services replacing roof insulation

Our priority is to provide worry-free property maintenance solutions on time and on budget.

Provide Quality Shelter for Your Commercial Residents

As a property manager and owner, you have a duty and responsibility to your residents to keep their living space as clean and protected as possible. We will keep your property looking attractive and make it stand apart from other complexes you're competing against.

Our team will focus on any leaks in your ceiling, patching and repairing these areas to prevent mold buildup or potential flooding. If you have a skylight installed in your community building, Add Ventures Roofing Services will improve the glass or casing structure and even replace it in the event of extreme damage.

Why Choose Add Ventures as Your Commercial Roofing Contractor

installing new asphalt shingles to a roof

Whether you need a commercial roof replacement or simple roofing repairs, the benefits of enlisting the help of Add Ventures as your contractor include:

  • Expertise: We hold a GAF-certified Master Elite roofing contractor certification, which is a major customer benefit as it ensures a lifetime warranty covering all roofing work and materials — even if we were to go out of business. Only 2% of commercial roofing contractors have this certification, so you can rest assured you're in good hands.
  • All-inclusive contracting: Add Ventures handles all aspects of any commercial or residential project, meaning you have more time to focus elsewhere. 
  • Wide service area: We serve a variety of areas, including New Jersey, New York and Connecticut.
  • Commercial roof inspections for all roofing types: No matter your commercial roof type or size, Add Ventures will thoroughly inspect your system and deliver the best roofing solution. 

Contact Add Ventures for Quality Contracting Services

Are you a commercial property manager, community manager, building manager or property management company looking to spruce up your commercial office building? If so, Add Ventures is the commercial roofing contractor for you. 

With over 20 years in the business, we know how to deliver our customers hassle-free, high-quality service while executing fast and effective solutions. Contact us today to learn more about residential and commercial gutter installations as well as commercial roof replacement, installation and repairs.